It is quite obvious that you will want your website to be arranged in such a way that it attracts both your existing and prospective customers, and makes them visit your site repeatedly. This will certainly be possible with a well planned website. The greater the number of visitors for your website will be the more will be your sales. However, there are some typical things which you need to ensure in order to create a properly designed website.

Tips to Make Your Website Attractive

  • Select Keywords Intelligently:  Think intelligently about what are the keywords which your visitors may use in order to search for the services you provide. It is a good idea to imagine yourself to be a customer and then think of the words which you would have used to search for the services. The keywords may not carry the exact definition of the services you provide.
  • Enrich Your Content:  Your content should be such, which aims to be informative rather than to announce how well you are in your business. The content should effective in reflecting the facts which set you apart from your competitors. You may add some images to increase the attractiveness of your content. But it has to be kept in mind that search engines read only the text. Therefore, it is advisable to have a text accompanying each of your images.
  • A Helpful Sitemap:  The purpose of the sitemap is to provide the links to each and every page of your website. You can certainly keep your sitemap hidden but it has been seen that a visible sitemap is a more effective one.
  • A FAQ Page:  Having a page for the frequently asked questions will enable your visitors to find the information they are seeking in quicker time. Such a page also helps to get good rankings in search engine.
  • A Purposeful Design:  The design of your website should have a definite purpose. In most cases, the visitors will be visiting your site just for once, so, you will want them to find what they are looking for in their first visit itself.
  • Legitimate Links:  The links to your site should be legitimate ones otherwise the search engines may ignore your site completely. It will be wise if you do not purchase links in bulk.
  • Email Capturing:  As mentioned earlier, most of the visitors will visit your site for once. The strategy to capture email will enable you to stay in connection with the visitors who visited your site. You can keep marketing your products or services to them. The best way is to provide them something absolutely free of cost such as an eBook, a report, or a discount voucher.
  • Easy Navigation:  The visitors must not find any difficulty in reading and navigating through your website. The links provided by you should be relevant and the language used should be easily understandable. It is best to have the links in blue colour and all of them should be underlined.

If a website is developed keeping all the above mentioned tips in mind, then the site is bound to be impressive and will certainly attract your customers.


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Useful Tips to Create an Impressive Website – Guest Post
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