Trying to make your house look like a Pro installed your Holiday Light it this year?

Here are  a few tips and tricks that could help out decking the Halls of your home this season.

The first step in making your home look top notch is picking the right kind of lights.  There are many kinds of lighting for Holiday Decor, however there are far fewer options that will make your home look like a Pro did it.

Lights seem like a may seem trivial thing to some, but just knowing the type of lights to use is the largest part of making your house stand out.  Many lights have such a twisted wiring system the bulbs will never clip straight.

Tip #1 – getting started with Spool of Lights

A great tip is to use a spool of lights so you can custom fit the lights to your home.  All you need is some good bulbs, male and female connectors, and a spool of wire.


Tip 2 – get power with out using extension Cords.

Now to have a more professional look, you want to have as few extension cords as possible.  Even with few cords, you also want to tick the cords dangling from the roof behind downspouts or hidden behind  shutters.  Another great tip is to buy green extensions for the ground and white or tan cords for the down spouts.

Tip 3 Hanging slights on Chimneys or Brick with a Hot Glue Gun

Sometimes you have a brick entryway to a house or stone around windows so how can you attach to this when staples or clips are not an option. This is where Hot Glue can come in handy and really come out looking professional.

Now make sure you hide all the wires.  You can even use a twist tie or zip tie to keep the cords close to the downspout.

Tips How to Install Christmas Lights Like A Professional

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