As we know Myanmar is situated in the South eastern part of Asia, it is one of the top places from the tourism point of view. Myanmar is known by the name of lonely planet because of its serenity. Tourists also regard this place as a wonder-land. You must be eager to explore the hidden treasure “Arcadia”.

There are some dogmatic visitors which may puzzle you by raising some fake issues against Myanmar. They force the other tourists to change their mind in case they plan to visit Myanmar. According to them much of finance of the country depends upon tourism and the money so collected is spend on military government so that they remain in power for long time. Do not allow yourself to be misguided by their misleading propaganda. The main purpose of writing this article is to guide the tourists like you in the right path.

4 Points to Describe Why Myanmar is a Safe Place

The first point is that the revenue of the government not only comes from tourism but also comes from “teak-export, “gem-sale, “natural gas production” “off shore drilling” “oil-field work” etc. The money that comes from tourism is just a negligible part of their total collection. For the last 26 years it has been noticed that Myanmar was delinked with the rest of the world due to its military government. For this reason the present government will not be affected much if the tourism activity in Myanmar decreases.

The second point is that the tourism business of Myanmar benefits the common people of Myanmar in some way. Tourism department of Myanmar help the common people involving in professions like “tour-guides”, “hotel employees”, “souvenir-venders” and “chauffeurs”. The above mentioned professions are non government. A tourist’s expenditure will directly go to the pockets of these people. There is no government tourism in Myanmar only private tourist agencies are in this field. Travel Myanmar is the slogan of these tour agencies now. You can find plenty of private restaurants, private car rental services, and private hotels in Myanmar. There are   a number of private air- lines such as “Air Bagan” Air Mandalay” “ Yangon Airways” etc who can fulfill your dream to tour Myanmar. You can select any of these Air-lines according to your budget. There is wide option with regard to food, hotel, and for Air-lines.

The third point is this that as the people of Myanmar is agitating against the military government and there is a rumor that its people are starving now, which is absolutely incorrect and misleading information. People who have already visited Myanmar when asked whether Myanmar is a safe place to travel got the answer that it is a peaceful & tourist friendly country in South East Asia. Myanmar is known for its aesthetic architecture and artifacts, its rich cultural heritage and attractive tourist spots. The people of Myanmar are famous for hospitality.

Lastly, with the passage of time Myanmar is day by day transforming itself into a popular tourist destination liked the visitors. People from all other parts of the world are crazy to experience a tour in Myanmar. Travel Myanmar if you are planning for a holiday vacation with your family or friends.

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Though Myanmar is under Military Rule Still it is a Safe Place for the Tourists

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