It’s almost time to start hanging Christmas decorations, and it’s important that to keep safety in mind when putting up the decorations. Here are some tips to help homeowners decorate the entire garden without creating a dangerous situation. With these tips, they can light up your entire outside living space for the holidays.

Check the Lights First
The last thing people want is to climb a ladder, walk across the roof and then discover the lights don’t work. Always plug in the lights and check them before putting them on the house. Have a bulb tester handy to determine where the problem is and make fast repairs. If the lights cannot be saved, put them in the bin immediately so you do not get confused and put up ones that do not work.

Practice Good Ladder Safety
Homeowners will probably need a ladder to put the lights up around the house. Avoid ladder injuries by being smart with the ladder. Always rest the base of the ladder on level ground, and never stand on the top rung. The ladders should not be rested against gutters to avoid damaging them, and people should try to have a friend help out by holding the base of the ladder steady while you are on it. Before they climb the ladder to hang lights, they should try to ensure the light strands work and that they have the right clips.

Beware of Power Tools
When climbing up a ladder or working on the roof, most of a person’s attention will be focused on maintaining your balance. Trying to work with power tools or hammers while on the top of the ladder can cause them to lose your balance and fall. A better option is to invest in proper clips. They make hanging lights easy on your gutters, around the chimney, on trees and along the roof. Using simplistic clips to hold the lights in place will save you the trouble of having to put nails or anything into your walls or guttering and weakening the structures.

Safe Wiring
Overloading the circuits creates a massive fire risk. The best scenario is that they will constantly pop fuses and have lights going out, but there always the risk that it will actually start a house fire by running too many strands together. Connectable LED lights can be customized to create the perfect length and design for your home to you may not need to use multi sockets and extension leads which will lessen the likelihood of a fire related accident.

Appropriate Extensions for the Garden
When putting multiple decorations in the garden, choose an extension cord with multiple outlets. Look for a special exterior-use multi-outlet cord with ground fault circuits. They will shut down automatically if moisture gets inside, so there is no worry about fires. The best ones have stakes that push into the ground, so the electrical connections will be off the wet ground, water and electricity is not the safest combination especially with small children and animals around.

Attaching Lights to Various Surfaces
The DIY stores are filled with special clips for putting lights up around the house. Use suction hooks to attach lights to windows and other smooth surfaces. Plastic hooks that nail into wood are ideal for putting lights along the eaves of the home. Special shingle clips hook lights to the shingles along your peak of a shingled roof. Look for zip straps or twist wires to attach lights to trees out in the garden. Never drive nails through the wires to avoid creating an electrical hazard.

Adding lights to the home will create a beautiful look this Christmas season. Put lights in the trees and around the garden outside to make the home more cheerful and welcoming during the long winter nights ahead. Practice good ladder safety and use the right hanging clips to ensure a safe installation and avoid creating a fire hazard with the lights.


Simon Calvin works as a lighting engineer at a UK based Christmas lights store called He often writes about safety issues surrounding Christmas decorations and LED Christmas lighting. More information check out our display store at UK Christmas World, Metro Trading Centre, Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 1JTchristmas light installation tips

How to Hang Your Christmas Lights Up Safely?

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